Ladies and gentlemen!

Welcome to the world of Midnight Sun, a box of delights to capture your imagination. Contained within,a beacon for those who seek the zenith of performance artistry.

We are a lighthouse, saving souls from being dashed on the rocks of mundanity, gossamer spirits guiding you through the dark into the realm of purest entertainment. We are charged with providing illumination, bedazzlement, and explorations into the fantastic and surreal.

My name is Daniel, but you may know me as Mssr D. Divaliche! I curate the delectations of our bizarre feast. I invite you to join us at the table of the divine and dine on the raw and unrefined nectar of the gods, to taste forbidden delight.

Two for One Drinks before 9pm.

Midnight Sun Cabaret

Midnight Sun Cabaret Bar, Upper Street, Islington, London

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The bar is open!

Come on in for a cocktail, a glass of rosé or one of our range of international bottled premium lagers.

We’re open every night but Sunday from 8pm and the Cabaret starts at 9.30pm. Check out our calendar of events to see the amazing talent that performs nightly on our stage.


Vee’s shows are legendary! You’d be mad to miss ’em.

Delight in our signature cocktail specials

A Gin Joan – our twist on a classic Collins, but instead of lemon we infuse the mixture with champagne

The Elaine – another chance to disapprove, another brilliant zinger, another reason not to move… beautiful, wonderful Elaine

Vee’s Visper – it’s like a Vesper, but instead of the vodka we substitute more gin, so yeah it’s essentially just gin really

Liza With a Zzzzzzz – it’s basically a High Ball with whatever you can stuff into it, which has the expected effect

I love my evenings at the bar. Midnight Sun truly shines a light in the dark. The talent is spectacular. Such assets! It’s a wonder I ever leave. If only they were open a little earlier. But it is nice to have a place to pop my head until 3am.

Francis Pottinger

Bon Vivant, Something About Gin